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11:01 | 29-03-2013

Institute Profile



  • Pursuant to The Law on Science and Technology dated 09/06/2000
  • Pursuant to The Decree No. 81/2002/ND-CP Dated 17/102002 of The Government detailing The Implementation of The Law on Science and Technology;
  • Pursuant to The Decision No. 97/QD-TT On 24/72009 of The Prime Minister rolling out the list of areas that Private Sector being able to establish Science And Technology Organizations;
  • Pursuant to The Circular No. 18/3/2010 02/2010/TT-BKHCN dated 18/03/2010 by The Ministry Of Science Technology guiding to establish and register of Science and Technology Organizations;
  • ECONOMIC RESEARCH & HUMAN MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE (REHMI/HE) is licensed by The Department of Science and Technology of Ho Chi Minh City to operate with the license number of 268/ĐK-KHCN.
  • The Institute is a independent scientific and technological organization, operating under the Law of Science and Technology and The Decree No. 81/2002/ND-CP dated 17/10/2002 of The Government Regulations and other relevant documents, subjecting to the management of the state authority agencies.


  • Economic Research and Human Management Institute (REHMI) is an organization specializing in scientific research and developing applications in the field of business management
  • REHMI focuses on innovative management practicing in the field of business management, marketing management, brand management, financial management, human resources management, production management and other factors in the business development
  • REHMI will consult and transfer research results, scientific information to businesses / organizations.
  • REHMI with professional staff will also provide training, advanced professional training on human resource management for the domestic and international businesses / organizations operating in Vietnam.
  • REHMI will cooperate in scientific research, assessment, accreditation and training toward international standards for training organizations in Vietnam.
  • REHMI provides coaching, training in vocational profession for businesses and corporations
  • REHMI organizes quality trainings with international standards

1. Vision

  • REHMI and its human resources with strong professional knowledge and skills in research and training will become one of the first ranking organizations in Vietnam to provide high quality human resources for Vietnam's labor market.
  • REHMI will also progress to become a reliable organization of researching, assessing, quality control assurance in vocational training with international standards in Vietnam

2. Mission

  • To complete objectives in scientific research in the field of economics and business management.
  • To accomplish training projects, advanced professional coaching for young people to qualify to join the workforce in the short and long term plan.
  • To orient strategically for setting up organizational structure, training and knowledge improvement to provide the most effective working environment.

3. Value

  • REHMI – To give students the real taste of quality training
  • REHMI – To response to right and the quality of human resources
  • REHMI – To complete the work with high responsibilities and heart


  • To work in scientific research and develop scientific applications in the field of economic, business and business administration;
  • To provide science and technology services (S & T): consult and transfer research results, information in science and technology as requested
  • To organize training and advanced professional training in economic field as registration (just issue certificates)
  • To cooperate with other domestic and foreign organizations in the areas of registration according to the law.
  • To develop and organize economic development projects and business administration when the power authorities entrust.
  • To advise to businesses in strategic development planning as well as effective production and sales in the context of international integration.
  • To consult to international organizations, foreign companies in investing and trading in Vietnam.
  • To link with other organizations and foreigners to organize conferences on topics of economic, financial and business management for all economic sectors and organizations in need.
  • To permit the exchange and cooperation with domestic and international scientists, managers in the different fields of research, training, retraining and application of economic science and practical management in Vietnam.
  • To be able to work in relations with the ministries, branches and local government organizations and enterprises of all economic sectors to carry out its functions and duties.


1. Function

  • Scientific research, business management research and business review on marketing management, brand management, financial management, human resources management, production management
  • Transferring research results to businesses and organizations
  • Consulting and supporting on business management and human resource management.
  • Organizing and cooperating to provide professional training courses, scientific research applications in the field of business.

2. Legal Authority

  • To be able to set up the organizational structure and human resources in accordance with the functions and duties
  • To plan activities and financial arrangement to accomplish with the registration
  • To be able to sign the cooperation contracts with partners within the registration filed.
  • To be able to carry other activities and authorities prescribed by law as a legal scientific and technology organization.



Dr. HUYNH  LE CAT HAN –  Chairman/Director


  • Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA)

Oxford Association of Management, London, UK

  • MBA of International Business Management

United Business Institute (UBI - From Brussels, Belgium)

  • Bachelor of Arts – Linguistic and Literature

University of Social Sciences and Humanities (USSH), Vietnam National University-HCMC

  • TAA 40104 – Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


Sydney Institute of Management and Technology (SIMT), Sydney NSW, Australia

Dr. VO, THANH KHOI –  Vice Director


  • Doctor of Business Administration – Preston University
  • MBA – Preston University
  • Bachelor of English - HaNoi Foreign Language University

Working experiences:

  • Being  a  lecturer  in  business  administration,  banking  English  and  finance  for Colleges  and Universities from 2004 till now.
  • Involving in many projects in relations with foreign organizations, colleges and universities in BenTre province in the south of Vietnam.

Dr. LY NGOC THANH –  Vice Director


Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA)

  • Oxford Association of Management, London, UK

Working experiences

  • More than 30 years working experiences in the Government 
  • Involving working experience in many projects about finances in relations with foreign organizations


  1. Youth Employment Service Center (Yes Center) – Youth Union of Ho Chi Minh City
  2. Students Center - National University
  3. Center of Forecasting Manpower Needs and Labor Market Information HCMC - People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City
  4. Business Start Up Support Center - Youth Union of Ho Chi Minh
  5. Winpers Corporation


1. Business Name

Vietnamese:       Vin Nghiên Cu Kinh Tế và Qun TrNhân S

English:             Economic Research and Human Management Institute or

Human and Economic Management Institute

Short name:       REHMI or HE

2. Office:


Address: 243/12 Chu Van An St., ward 12, Bình Thạnh District, HCMC Tel: (08) 2242 9375

Head Office and Training center:

Address: 1A Nguyen Van Luong St. Ward 6, Govap District, HCMC, VN

Web: www.rehmi.org

Email: chairman@rehmi.org & hanhuynhlecat@yahoo.com.au

3. Legal representative

Dr. HUYNH LE CAT HAN - Director

Email: Chairman@rehmi.org and hanhuynhlecat@yahoo.com.au